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It has always been amazing to me how our ‘minds’ are always an afterthought in the grand scheme of our life experiences.  From our youth to adulthood, we are taught a systematic approach of how to accomplish a task but never the power that drives it all, our minds.  I am willing to bet just about anything to prove that no successful person arrived at their destination without exploring the depths of their mindset. Decluttering and quieting our minds, especially in today’s turbulent world, are essential to enriching our lives at home, at work, in the community and every other area of our experience. Even more, what goes on in our minds in our quiet time determine what happens next.

The principles and tools in this book can be applied by anyone. I believe that now more than ever we need to do the work to reclaim our calm.  A long, fruitful and healthy life is what we all want and it starts with regulating our minds. We can do it, we shall do it. Our health and life depend on it.  Consider this book the beginning of amazing and worthwhile experiences ahead.

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