Dexter L. Scott

Motivational & Keynote Speaker | Mindset Trainer & Coach | Author

Motivational & Keynote Speaker | Mindset Trainer & Coach | Author

About Dexter L. Scott

Dexter L.Scott and his wife, Dr. Tonya Joyner-Scott own a personal development company called “The UPgraders” and their mission for the last 20+ years is to change the way people think and live their lives in all areas.  Dexter is an NLP Certified, Powerful Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Mindset Development Coach and Trainer. Known as ‘The Voice that Motivates’, his voice and delivery style resonates with audiences and makes them think beyond their normal process. Dexter helps people connect their passions to their dreams.  He infuses stories, inspiring facts and anecdotes to get them to think.  He helps people realize that a major part of success is identifying what’s blocking them and giving them the tools to help them get out of their own way. He has extensive knowledge in mindset development, presenting, and personal growth strategies. Dexter speaks to private and public organizations, state and local governments, groups, and schools to help people identify their limiting beliefs and move past their fears to realize their full potential.  

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“I help organizations, students and entrepreneurs get out of their destiny’s way and walk in their purpose. I take you from where you are to where you need to be”


Are you really willing to go after it regardless of how you look? Hear this hilarious and very powerful story of how Dexter used the theater of the mind to end up not only meeting World Renowned Motivator, Mr. Les Brown, but how he ended up working with him!


This speech will give you goosebumps. Did you know that you can ‘FEEL’ a thing so deeply that you can create a powerful magnetic pull that will have you standing in it…..over 20 years later! This story will shift your ‘NOW’ and your expectations.


Whatever has happened to you in your life, it doesn’t matter! Your experiences don’t define who you are. Hear how Dexter went through some extremely difficult challenges and overcame them by using the power of his mind. What you focus on, you become.

Dexter’s entrepreneurial journey began in real estate and quickly took him right back to his love of professional public speaking. Having studied with World Renown Motivational Speaker Les Brown, he applied the principles learned and has spoken both Nationally and Internationally to audiences of over 5,000 and even more virtually. His ability to communicate effectively has generated multiple millions of dollars as well as speaking on platforms with the likes of Shark Tank's own Kevin Harrington in the Inspired to Speak program with mentor Dr. James Dentley. Dexter and his wife were selected by Dr. John C. Maxwell to speak among industry leaders in "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth for Network Marketing".


Dexter has years of experience working in positions of leadership in the government sector in the areas of banking, compliance and audit. His regulatory background sharpened his experience in learning how to look at things from different vantage points to arrive at ideal solutions. Dexter’s corporate experience was one of tremendous growth and development. As the Head of Admissions for the Mid-Atlantic Region for a company founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, it provided the opportunity for him to travel nationally/internationally and speak on 100’s of stages delivering over 10 presentations a week before thousands of parents, teachers and students at various Universities, K-12 schools, church’s and community centers, generating upwards of 10 million in annual revenue.

He is the man he is...

Dexter has always been a person with a big heart and a visit to Ihop one day not only changed his life but the life of Saxophonist Bradley Smith. A viral FB video that received over 5 million views landed Bradley on the local tv network to be seen by the world, resulting in opportunities for him and his family.

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It has always been amazing to me how our ‘minds’ are always an afterthought in the grand scheme of our life experiences. From our youth to adulthood, we are taught a systematic approach of how to accomplish a task but never the power that drives it all, our minds. I am willing to bet just about anything to prove that no successful person arrived at their destination without exploring the depths of their mindset. Decluttering and quieting our minds, especially in today’s turbulent world, are essential to enriching our lives at home, at work, in the community and every other area of our experience. Even more, what goes on in our minds in our quiet time determine what happens next.


The principles and tools in this book can be applied by anyone. I believe that now more than ever we need to do the work to reclaim our calm. A long, fruitful and healthy life is what we all want and it starts with regulating our minds. We can do it, we shall do it. Our health and life depend on it. Consider this book the beginning of amazing and worthwhile experiences ahead


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